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Mint Touch Refinishing offers affordable refinishing and reglazing services in the state of Washington. If you’ve found yourself searching for - bathtub refinishing services near me - on Google or any other search engine, then you have come to the right place.


We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality refinishing services in the region, having worked with over 100 clients and still counting.  Our refinishing services include:


Fiberglass repair and refinishing 


Due to prolonged use, fiberglass bathtubs or shower units can become dull after a few years. When this happens, it is advisable to hire fiberglass refinishing services from reputable companies such as Mint Touch Refinishing. We have the right team of experts capable of restoring your bathtub to its previous spotless look.


Bathtub reglazing and refinishing


Contact us anytime you need experts to solve your bathtub reglazing problems. We have the right equipment, training and experience to transform your bathtub from old and worn out to as good as new. 


Kitchen countertop refinishing


The look of a kitchen counter sets the overall mood of a home. However, due to prolonged use, kitchen countertops may begin to lose their aesthetic appeal. That’s where Mint Touch Refinishing comes in to provide cheap kitchen countertop refinishing services that will transform your countertops and save you money at the same time. 


Grout cleaning and repair


Thanks to our sophisticated tile and grout cleaning machines, your grout problem will be gone in a matter of hours. Whether you are looking for shower grout cleaning service or general grout cleaning, give us a call today on 253-981-2879 and we will provide you with the best and most affordable solutions. 


Is refinishing worth it?


Whether you are looking for bathtub repair and refinishing, kitchen countertop refinishing, grout cleaning, or any other related service, it is completely worth it. This option helps you save money that would have been spent on replacing your countertop, sink, tiles or an entire bathtub.


How much does refinishing cost?


The exact cost of refinishing depends on the specific project and refinishing procedure. For example, fiberglass refinishing is very different from bathtub refinishing. To get a free estimate, please click on the button below and provide the required details. One of our refinishing experts will get in touch with you promptly!


Refinishing saves time!


Refinishing projects usually take between two to three days, or even shorter. The best part of it is the fact that you will be able to use your bathtub or countertops shortly after, and that they will look as good as new!


Refinishing saves money!


You save a lot of money when you choose refinishing over replacing. Besides, with refinishing, there is no need for expensive demolitions. Our refinishing experts are trained to work with tight deadlines and clean after themselves when the job is done. So if you are worried about spending too much money and having to deal with a huge mess when the job is done, you don’t have to worry anymore when you hire Mint Touch Refinishing for all your refinishing and reglazing needs. 


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Our experienced refinishers are well equipped for all complex refinishing projects. Whether you are looking for commercial or residential refinishing services, we have the right equipment, training and personnel to handle these kinds of projects.

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