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Our Service Areas

Welcome to Mint Touch Refinishing, the leading refinishing company in the Pacific Northwest. We are looking forward to working with you and actually proving why we are the best in this industry. 


We have worked with hundreds of clients in the region for both residential and commercial refinishing projects, and their feedback offers a true testimony and insight of what you should expect from us when you contact us for refinishing services. 


If you are tired of hiring refinishing companies that do not deliver what they promise, or leave your home messy and with a huge invoice, you’d be glad to find out that we are different. Here’s why:


  • We always clean up after each refinishing project

  • Our rates are affordable and quality unbeatable

  • Our services are insured and bonded

  • We have years of experience mountains of knowledge in the industry

  • You’ll never have to worry about hidden fees

  • We are fast and reliable; we always keep time and strive to meet your deadlines

If in doubt, you may view some of our most recent projects by clicking on the button below! 

Now that you know what to expect from us, it is time to put words into action! Click on any of the cities below to see the refinishing services we offer in your area. Our service areas include:


And the surrounding areas!


If you do not see the city of your choice from the provided list, GET IN TOUCH with us right away and we will come to you!