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How To Care For A Bathtub After Refinishing

A newly refinished bathtub needs proper maintenance to maintain the glossy look and serve you for many years. The bathtub refinishing aftercare process involves some simple tips that one needs to observe while cleaning and maintaining the refinished bathtubs. Despite the type of materials used for refinishing a bathtub, the aftercare steps you should follow are almost similar. Mint Touch Refinishing experts recommend the following tips on how to clean reglazed bathtubs;

How to clean reglazed bathtubs

Part of bathtub reglazing maintenance is cleaning the bathtub after use. Mint Touch Refinishing experts discourage the use of abrasive cleaners while cleaning the tub. Ensure that you use a non abrasive sponge to avoid scratching the surface of the bathtub. Bathtub refinishing experts recommend the use of non-bleach liquid cleaners to clean a painted bathtub. You may want to avoid soaking a freshly refinished bathtub in bleach since the bleach can corrode the surface of the tub. Mint Touch Refinishing experts can advise you on the best cleaners you may choose from the market to clean reglazed bathtubs.

After using the bathtub, it is important to ensure that all the water drains away to avoid tinting the tub and allowing scum to settle on the walls of the tub. You may want to towel-dry the bathtub after cleaning it so that you get rid of scum and water.

How to avoid reglazed tub problems

Bathtub resurfacing care requires one to avoid using certain materials during their bath to avoid spoiling the tub. Washing off hair dyes in clean reglazed bathtubs can easily tint the tub. Make sure that the bathtub drains are fixed before resurfacing the bathtub so as to avoid blockage problems. Using suction cups to unblock a drain lets dirty water into the tub that can taint clean reglazed bathtub. Avoid leaving soap in the bathtub since some soap agents may slowly corrode the surface of the bathtub and spoil its polish.

What to do when you get reglazed bathtub problems

It is easy to take care of a bathtub after refinishing. Following bathtub refinishing aftercare tips recommended by bathtub refinishing experts such as Mint Touch Refinishing guarantees you a long term satisfaction of the results of the refinishing job. It is also advisable that you call your plumber to fix leaking faucets and broken drains as soon as possible since they may cause damages to the tub. When you notice a crack or a chip on your newly refinished bathtub, you may contact a bathtub refinishing service provider to help you fix it. Allowing water through the cracks for a long time causes the paint to peel off faster.

Be sure to ask your bathtub refinishing expert for instructions on how to care for a bathtub after refinishing. Mint Touch Refinishing experts will ensure that all your questions on bathtub refinishing aftercare are answered, and will always be available to provide repair services when you need them.

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