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How long should I wait to use a reglazed bathtub?

Updated: 19 hours ago

One of the most important bathtub aftercare tips is to allow the tub to completely dry before using it. The newly refinished bathtub should be ready to use after at least 24 hours of drying, however, the bathtub completely cures in 15 to 20 minutes. There are some do’s and don’ts of how to use bathtub after refinishing during the curing period.

Here are some of the Do’s:

Do allow the reglazed bathtub to finish the recommended 24-hour period before using it

The main reason why bathtub reglazing experts recommend the 24-hour waiting period is because most top coating paints take a minimum of 24 hours to dry under varying weather conditions. Using your bathtub sooner may cause the paint to peel off or leave unattractive markings on the surface of the refinished bathtub.

Do clean the bathtub after use

When the refurbished bathtub is ready for use, ensure that you clean it after, following the recommended guidelines from Min Touch Refinishing experts.

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The guidelines should have details on how best you can clean your bathtub in order to ensure that the bathtub is not tainted or the paint does not peel off.

Do call bathtub refinishing experts

When you notice a chip or a peel on the reglazed bathtub during the recommended drying and curing period, reach out to your bathtub reglazing service provider to help fix it. If the problem is left for too long before fixing, the bathtub may not dry and cure properly.

Here are some of the Don’ts:

Do not leave sharp objects in a freshly refinished bathtub

Sharp objects may cause chipping of the surface of the bathtub. The chips allow water to get under the paint and into the bathtub walls. Since a freshly reglazed bathtub takes a longer time to completely dry, the water may slow down the process or damage the bathtub.

Do not let water sit for too long in the reglazed bathtub before draining

When using bathtub after refinishing, ensure that water does not sit too long in the tub. This will make the drying process to be effective hence avoiding any damages to the tub.

Do not clean your bathtub with abrasive sponge

The paint coating on a refinished bathtub may still be fragile during the drying period even when it may be seemingly dry. Bathtub refinishing experts advise that you avoid rough materials and harsh cleaners while cleaning the freshly refinished bathtub. Coarse cleaners may also cause chipping of the paint and let water into the bathtub walls causing damages.

Overall, following guidelines given by refinishing experts guides a homeowner on how best to care for their tub during the use of a bathtub after refinishing. It is also important to understand how long to wait after reglazing bathtub and how best one can care for it during the drying period. If you are unsure of what to do, it is wise to call Mint Touch Refinishing for assistance.

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