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DIY Bathtub Reglazing vs. Hiring Experts: Which is better?

The cost of reglazing a bathtub is cheaper when a homeowner picks the option of DIY bathtub reglazing over hiring bathtub reglazing experts. All a homeowner needs to do is to purchase bathtub reglazers DIY kit and follow the instruction manual that comes with it.

A standard kit comprises of bathtub re-glazing paint, the primers, rollers, gloves, sandpaper and an instruction manual. The step by step guide should be easy for the homeowners to follow during the process.

But how does bathtub reglazing DIY project compare to that of experts?

Reglazing of a bathtub can be an untidy process especially when working with paints for the first time. The bathtub reglazing kit too may not contain all the equipment that is required in the process of reglazing bathtubs. For example, most kits provide rollers to be used for applying the paint while experts use paint sprays to achieve a seamless finish. Rollers leave trail marks of the painting job hence the finish may not be as smooth as one would desire. Bathtub re-glazing experts handle the job with more a professional touch, ensuring that the outcome is clean.

Some DIY kits contain paint that peels off faster.

This may double bathtub reglazing costs since the job may have to be redone sooner. Experts of bathtub reglazing Covington can advice a homeowner of the best quality of bathtub re-glazers that are durable and do not easily fade or tint. Professional bathtub re-glazing results last longer compared to that of a DIY project.

The color range of DIY kits may be limited. It can be cumbersome for a homeowner to get the exact color they desire in a DIY bathtub reglazing kit. Bathtub reglazing experts have experience in creating different shades of colors and incorporating the ideas of their clients to come up with the best results.

If you choose a DIY bathtub reglazing project, you may need to dedicate a whole day for the job and another 24-hour waiting period for the bathtub to completely cure before using it. Experts in Covington bathtub refinishing work in teams enabling them to complete the process in just a few hours. This saves a homeowner a lot of time and stress involved with the DIY projects.

The best option to pick would be hiring experts of bathtub reglazing to work on your bathtub. The cheaper option of a DIY project may take a lot of time and may not give you the desired results. Covington bathtub reglazing experts such as Mint Touch Refinishing have the best practical skills and equipment for doing the job in a safer and satisfactory manner.

Most DIY bathtub reglazing projects offer short-term solutions that may have you revisit the problem after a short period. Covington bathtub reglazing experts give you a long-term solution with a guarantee of years of a beautifully refinished bathtub. Hiring experts may cost you a few extra dollars but with it comes the satisfaction of a job well done.

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