Boat Hull Cleaning Services

What is hull cleaning?

Boats and ships underneath attract marine growth and foul. Hull Cleaning is the removal of this marine growth and fouls. Proper hull cleaning should remove all the undergrowth beneath the boat without causing any damage to the anti-fouling paint or the vessel itself.

Mint Touch Refinishing offers professional boat hull cleaning services at an affordable prices, and to all types of boats. In addition to that, we are the best at what we do. 

Benefits of hull cleaning

By contacting Mint Touch Refinishing for professional hull cleaning services, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits. Below is just a drop in the ocean. 

  • Our boat hull cleaning service removes all the undergrowth beneath your boat. Our licensed boat cleaners will ensure that your boat experiences an undisputed level of smoothness. This smoothness reduces the drag in the water, which means better fuel economy.

  • We clean and smoothen the bottom surface, thereby restoring the shape of the boat. The undergrowth attaching to the bottom of the boat adds another layer, thereby changing the boat's shape. The streamlined shape in boats ensures easy water movements; therefore, changing the shape increases the drag or friction between the water and the boat. As a result, after a professional boat hull cleaning service, the boat tends to drive much faster!

  • Our services will also help improve the performance of your boat. Here's how. Boat motors produce a certain amount of power to propel the boat. The undergrowth causes an increase in drag between the boat and the surface, thereby causing more resistance. As a result, this may lead to the overworking of the motor to counter the resistance. When this happens, you know it is time to call Mint Touch Refinishing on 253-981-2879 for cheap boat hull cleaning and restoration. 

  • Boats that are technologically advanced use sonars and other technologies in their operations. If the undergrowth accumulates in such a boat, this devices could provide false readings or even fail to give readings at all. Our cleaning team removes the hull, as a result, ensuring that your boat works effectively to give actual results.

  • The undergrowth of organisms like barnacles and tubeworms could cause turbulence and noise on your boat. During the hull cleaning process, we remove all undergrowth for a safe and worry-free ride.


How often should a boat hull be cleaned?

How often you should clean your boat depends on a lot of factors. We recommend that you should clean your boat after every one to three months. However, if you have the time and resources, do it often; it will do you more good than harm.

Please note that frequent cleaning does not affect the durability of the anti-fouling paints on your boat. The best way to ensure that your anti-fouling paint lasts longer is to ensure that it does not get so dirty such that it will be hard to clean with a soft material. Contact Mint Touch Refinishing today for professional and reliable boat hull cleaning services in Washington state. 

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