Ceramic Tile Repair and Refinishing Services

If you are looking for tile repair and refinishing services in Covington, Tacoma, Bellevue, Seattle, Bothell, Renton and the surrounding areas, then you have come to the right place.


Ceramic tile refinishing is the best way to keep your tiles looking great whilst saving money at the same time. With tile refinishing services, you do not need to replace your old tile countertops, floors, vanities or walls.

Mint Touch Refinishing offers the best tile pair and refinishing services in the region with over a decade worth of experience in this field. Some benefits of ceramic tile refinishing include:

  • It is less expensive

  • It saves you time – there is no need for lengthy  removal and replacement processes

  • It seals grout to prevent the possibility of mildew

  • It looks way better than porcelain tile repair


The Mint Touch Refinishing process for ceramic tile reglazing

When you hire our tile reglazing experts, they will arrive at the site at the agreed time, and conduct a detailed and specific process to ensure your tiles look as good as new. Here’s our three-step refinishing process. 

Cleaning – This is done to get rid of dirt, grease, oils and other substances from the surfaces of the tiles

Filling – This process involves filling chips to ensure the grout is clean, even and filled

Refinishing – Here, we use sophisticated refinishing products and materials to restore the brand-new look of your tiles. You will have the freedom to choose whatever color that suits your style.

Ceramic tile refinishing cost – how much will I spend?

The exact amount you’ll spend depends on the size of the project. But we can almost guarantee that you could save up to 50% the cost of replacing your tiles. To find out exactly how much ceramic tile refinishing cost for your specific project, please get in  touch with Mint Touch Refinishing at 253-981-2879.

How long does ceramic tile refinishing take?

Most ceramic tile refinishing projects take between four to five hours. However, the exact time also depends on the size of the project. The good thing is you can always get a time estimate when you contact Mint Touch Refinishing for your tile reglazing needs. Our team of tile refinishing experts will visit your site, assess the project, and give you an estimate and a clear timeframe for the entire project.

Is ceramic tile refinishing worth it?

Yes. Ceramic tile refinishing is worth it for so many reasons. It gives homeowners the chance to save money while improving the quality and appearance of their tiles. When you choose this option, it means you will not have to worry about demolitions that leave huge messes behind. Besides, it makes the tiles even stronger and durable thanks to the extra coating added.

What are some of the best ceramic tile refinishing companies near me?

If you are looking for the best ceramic tile refinishing company in the region, look no further than Min Touch Refinishing. We have experienced and professional refinishing experts who have what it takes to make your tiles look as good as new.


Do not wait any longer! Call Mint Touch Refinishing today on 253-981-2879 for all your ceramic tile refinishing needs!

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