Fiberglass Repair and Refinishing Services

Mint Touch Refinishing offers the best fiberglass repair and refinishing services in Covington, Tacoma, Bellevue, Seattle, Bothell, Renton and the sorrounding areas. 

Are you worried about the condition of your old fiberglass tub? Are you unable to enjoy a warm bath in your tub because of wear and tear? If that’s the case, then there is no need to replace it. Well, maybe it is time to enjoy your old bathtub again with a new look! You will once again enjoy the feeling of soaking yourself in a warm bath as you unwind after a long day, thanks to fiberglass repair experts from Mint Touch Refinishing.


At Mint Touch Refinishing, we are committed to providing cheap fiberglass repair service and restoration service for your outdated tub.


Reasons why fiberglass cracks

Fiberglass tubs are made up of glass fibers, which are designed into various shapes. They are some of the most common types of tubs in both residential and commercial settings. Fiberglass is widely available due to its low price, lightweight, and ease of transportation.


Fiberglass is also easy to install and move around just incase you need to have a second floor in your bathroom. Although many people prefer fiberglass, there are specific reasons why it tends to crack. These reasons may also apply to other types of bathtubs. They include:

  • Heavy items in the tub – Placing heavy objects in the fiberglass weakens the tub and destroys the fibers because they tends to be fragile. Cracks will therefore form in the long run, leaving the fiberglass in poor condition. At this point, it will be helpful if you involve a fiberglass repair expert for further assistance.

  • Objects falling on the fiberglass. When you drop items in the bathtub, you increase the possibility of a cracked tub.

  • Using harsh chemicals on the tub, for example, bleach. Chemicals like bleach tend to erode the existing finishing, therefore forming cracks.


When the above happens, the fiberglass absorbs air and water easily, making the cracks even bigger. It takes the intervention of a fiberglass repair and refinishing expert from Mint Touch Refinishing to fix the bathtub and restore its original state. If the cracks are not dealt with in good time, further problems such as the formation of mildew and molds are bound to occur. When taking care of your fiberglass tubs, abrasive cleaners must be avoided to protect the fiberglass from slow cracking.


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