Bathtub reglazing services 

Mint Touch Refinishing offers the best bathtub reglazing services in Covington, Tacoma, Bellevue, Seattle, Bothell, Renton and the surrounding areas. 

Wondering what to do with your old bathtub? Mint Touch Refinishing provides cheap bathtub reglazing services even on such old bathtubs! Bathtub reglazing involves recoating your bathtub to make it look brand new once again. It is a cheap method of putting your bathtub back in shape once again after wear and tear. Extra care should be taken to preserve the newly reglazed bathtub.

Caring for a reglazed bathtub

A reglazed bathtub should be well taken care of, the same way as a new bathtub, to protect it and extend its useful life. There are various precautions that, when taken into consideration, will ensure your reglazed bathtub lasts for long as expected. They include:

  • Keeping the reglazed surface dry until after 24 hours 

  • Repairing any faucets that might be leaking immediately

  • Cleaning the bathtub regularly and washing away any scum, soap and remove any accumulating dirt

  • Avoid storing soap, shampoos on the reglazed bathtub

  • Never use abrasives on the reglazed bathtub

  • Acids should be avoided in the bathtub since they may be corrosive. In case you need to reopen your drainage, then the acid should be poured into the drain carefully.

Observing these precautions will be an assurance that your reglazed bathtub will last long.

How to know when your tub needs reglazing services 

Many homeowners may need to restore some life to their old bathtub. However, some may not know whether bathtub reglazing services will be an ideal solution. Repairing bathtubs extends the useful life of your bathtub. There are several ways in which homeowners can know when to seek bathtub reglazing service. Examples include: 

  • Presence of stains – Hard water may leave tough stains on bathtubs, thus causing discoloration. Removing these stains may be difficult for most homeowners. As such, hiring a bathtub reglazing service such as Mint Touch Refinishing is the best solution.

  • Scratches on the bathtub – These scratches are sometimes caused by pets or rough objects in the bathtub. It is not recommended to bathe your pet in the bathtub because their claws scratch the surface. Although to solve this, reglazing would be a good option for you.

  • Uneven bathtub surface may also need reglazing. During reglazing, bathtub reglazing experts apply many layers of primers to achieve a smooth, even finish.

Bathtub reglazing services save the cost of replacing a new bathtub and take lesser time to finish. Homeowners should, therefore, know when to involve bathtub reglazing experts based on these tips. 

Our commitment to our customers 

Mint Touch Refinishing takes pride in satisfying your bathtub reglazing needs. We are a professional, responsive, organized, and timely team committed to solving your bathtub reglazing needs. We care for our customers’ health and safety during home visits and we always clean up after ourselves. 

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